"Taking the LEADeres class has been a real eye-opener. It has inspired me to go back to school and finish my degree, something that in the past I would have made a million excuses not to do. Not only are the sessions very informative but the facilitators really know how to light a fire in your soul."                                                           

Abby T.   LEADeres Lakeshore 2020-2021

LEADeres Lakeshore  is a non-credit leadership lab designed to support Latin American professionals as they pursue their individual career and life goals. The program emphasizes identity formation and personal development in the areas of cultural awareness, leadership, professional development, and community and civic engagement. Participants learn and grow together over a six-month period, engaging with seasoned leaders and working on teams to identify creative solutions for community issues. Graduates possess the skills, resources, and confidence necessary to support each other as leaders professionally and in their community.


LEADeres Lakeshore brings cohorts of developing Latin American professionals together over a six-month course-based program to learn and grow their own leadership skills. During this time, participants:


The program is delivered through six daylong segments designed to equip LEADeres Lakeshore participants with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to transform themselves as leaders. Personal narratives are incorporated to illuminate concepts and create opportunities for reflection, while guest speakers share their individual stories about cultural identity and their civic and professional life journeys.