Women of Color Lead

Women of Color Lead (WOCL) program. WOCL is a 6-month personal coaching program uniquely tailored to each individual in the lakeshore communities. This program is a leadership lab for WOC on the lake shore that will provide a unique experience of serenity, strength and strategy opening doors that WOC will walk through with greater confidence. The learning lab will be guided by Women of Color. The program will consist of small group learnings of sponsorships/mentoring/coaching.

Coaching is a partnership that maximizes human potential. It connects into the resourcefulness of people to initiate creative solutions. Coaching helps people articulate their vision, identify their needs from a foundation of their core values.

Coaching brings an individual’s inner and outer world into alignment; set goals they feel passionate about and create a plan for their own development. Coaching provides a structure and the tools to continuously reflect and capture learnings and move them directly into action.

Coaching supports and challenges people to access their own inner and outer learning resources. Through the coaching partnership, people can build capacity, expand possibilities and achieve greater success with their goals and objectives.

Coaching is a process of transformation that happens when people are deeply seen, heard and understood and recognized for their gifts. When people are forced to change, they resist. In contrast, coaching helps people become the best version of themselves. Simply witnessing the process and being fully present has a transformational impact. Transformation honors what is, while reaching deep within us to find what is emerging perhaps the birth of something brand new.

Coaching creates a safe container where individuals can become aware of limiting beliefs. From this deep awareness and understanding, people can develop strategies and take actions that honor their values and help them move forward.

Coaching provides coaching through a lens of equity and inclusion. One’s identity and the culture that has impacted their lived experience is a critical foundation in how one navigates places, power and politics. Mijas Coaching brings this unique understanding to the coaching experience through a process of conscious relationship.

Lakeshore Latin Leadership Program Release.pdf

LEADeres is a non-credit leadership lab designed to support Latinx professionals as they pursue their individual career and life goals. The program emphasizes identity formation and personal development in the areas of cultural awareness, leadership, professional development, and community and civic engagement. Participants learn and grow together over a six-month period, engaging with seasoned leaders and working on teams to identify creative solutions for community issues. Graduates possess the skills, resources, and confidence necessary to support each other as leaders professionally and in their community.

LEADeres brings cohorts of developing Latinx professionals together over a six-month course-based program to learn and grow their own leadership skills. During this time, participants:

  • Network with and learn from seasoned community and civic leaders

  • Increase Cultural Intelligence

  • Gain practice using tools that support self-reflection and personal growth and development

  • Develop a personal development plan that emphasizes growth at work and in the community

  • Be guided through the process of working on a team and using innovation strategies to explore and present recommendations to address a community or business issue.

The program is delivered through six daylong segments designed to equip LEADeres participants with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to transform themselves as leaders. Personal narratives are incorporated to illuminate concepts and create opportunities for reflection, while guest speakers share their individual stories about cultural identity and their civic and professional life journeys.