Our Mission

Building Bridges and Cultural Understanding

Our primary focus is building connections—bridges, or puentes—between the Hispanic residents of Grand Haven, Spring Lake and Ferrysburg (the Tri-Cities) and residents of other ethnic and cultural backgrounds, so as to decrease discrimination and increase diversity in the Tri-Cities.

We Build Bridges - Puentes - Through...

Cultural Awareness

Increasing the cultural awareness of residents of the Tri-Cities and broader Western Michigan related to the history and contributions of the Hispanic community in the Tri-Cities and North West Ottawa county.

Raising Up Leaders

Raising funds to be used to help raise up Hispanic leadership in Western Michigan, especially the Tri-Cities, and with particular focus on Hispanic young people.

Partnering with Organizations

Providing support and financial distributions to local or state qualifying tax exempt organizations that make a concrete and positive difference in the life of Hispanic people in Western Michigan and especially the Tri-Cities.